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We're here to resolve disputes with energy suppliers

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We’d like to welcome Energy Brokers to our service

On 28th March 2022, Ofgem confirmed that we can now handle disputes with Energy Brokers.

Are you a Heat Network supplier?

Our latest information and requirements for all Heat Network suppliers affected by the Energy Prices Act 2022.

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How we can help

How we can help

We provide a free and impartial service that aims to resolve disputes between consumers and suppliers in the energy sector.

If you're having issues with your energy supplier, energy broker, network operator, green deal or heat network supplier, we may be able to help resolve your dispute.

Our Process Square

Our process

Our simple process makes it easier than ever to raise a dispute with your energy supplier:

  1. Raise the issue with your supplier
  2. Raise your dispute with us*
  3. Send us your information
  4. We'll review your dispute
  5. We'll reach a decision
  6. Your supplier delivers the remedy

*Before raising your dispute with us, please allow your supplier 8 weeks to put things right (unless you receive a deadlock letter from them sooner).

What to expect Square

What to expect

What are the possible outcomes of raising your dispute through our service?

We can tell suppliers to…
  • Take practical action e.g. credit your account, cancel an account, change your tariff
  • Make an apology
  • Offer financial awards up to £10,000
  • Make recommendations to prevent this happening again
  • A combination of these actions
However, we can’t…
  • Punish companies
  • Dictate how companies operate
  • Issue fines

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