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Information for disputes with Heat Networks

We can review disputes with district heating suppliers, including Heat Trust scheme members, if they are unwilling or unable to help if something goes wrong.

What is a Heat Network?

A Heat Network is a heat supply that is an alternative to individual heating systems. The technology has been developed to help reduce carbon emissions within the United Kingdom in accordance with the Government’s commitments. A contract is usually formed between the heat supplier and the developer / housing association to use the heat technology within the premises. This is usually for a period in excess of 20 years, which means that a customer cannot transfer their supply to an alternative energy source, such as gas.

To ensure that consumers receive an efficient service from their heat supplier a scheme called Heat Trust was created, which sets the consumer service standards and consumer protection requirements it expects members to provide.

Does the Energy Ombudsman review Heat Network disputes?

If your Heat Network is registered with the Heat Trust, the Energy Ombudsman can look into disputes about unfair, discourteous, or unprofessional treatment or untimely management of a problem, misleading information and failure of the supplier to comply with their obligations under Heat Trust's requirements.

Before you contact us you should notify your supplier and work with them to try and resolve your issue. They have 8 weeks to resolve the issue, unless they issue you with a deadlock letter allowing you to come to us sooner.

To find out if your site is registered with Heat Trust, please refer to the Heat Trust website or check the list below;

  • Aberdeen Heat and Power Company Ltd
  • MP Clean Energy Services Ltd
  • Anchor Hanover Group (Anchor)
  • East London Energy Ltd (Equans)
  • Energetik (Lee Valley Heat Network Operating Company Ltd)
  • Equans Urban Energy Ltd (formerly Engie Urban Energy Ltd)
  • E.ON UK Infrastructure Services Ltd
  • GTC Infrastructure Ltd (Metropolitan)
  • Independent Community Heating Ltd (Metropolitan)
  • Loka Energy Ltd (Pinnacle Power)
  • Metropolitan Infrastructure Ltd
  • Metropolitan King’s Cross
  • Pinnacle Power Ltd (trading as 'With Energy')
  • Platform Housing Ltd
  • PP ESCO (Clapham Park) Ltd (Pinnacle Power)
  • The Movement ESCO Ltd (Vital Energi)
  • The Paintworks ESCO Ltd (Vital Energi)
  • SSE Heat Networks Ltd
  • Switch2 Energy Ltd
  • Veolia Energy and Utility Services UK
  • Watkins Energy Ltd

What if my Heat Network isn't registered with Heat Trust?

If your Heat Network is not featured in the list above and you have an unresolved dispute regarding the Government Support Scheme (as part of the Energy Bill Relief or Discount Scheme) we may be able to help. You can escalate your dispute via the website or contact us on 0330 440 1624 to raise your dispute.

Common disputes

The most common types of district heating disputes are about:

  • Billing & payments.
  • Customer service.
  • Installation & delays.
  • Loss of service.

Unfortunately, we can't review things like:

  • Switching suppliers.
  • Billing & payments relating to standing charges or a capital replacement fund charge.
  • Billing and payments relating to the energy performance.
  • Certificate and charges within the final bill.

If you're looking for more information on Heat Networks affected by the Energy Prices Act 2022, click here.

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